Finding Peace at Colombia's Coffee Cultural Landscape

Picture by: Martin Nabert

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If we know something about Colombia, it is that we absolutely love their coffee. Colombia is home for some of the best coffee in the world, and all the magic mostly happens at the Coffee Cultural Landscape, also known as the Coffee Triangle. But did you know that the Coffee Triangle can also be a relaxation paradise? If you’re looking for a getaway trip, the Coffee Region might have just what you’re looking for. Stay tuned to see our selection of hotels, spas, and destinations in Colombia’s Coffee Cultural Landscape.

Colombia is becoming more and more popular among international tourists from all around the world. The country’s charms seduce us in ways that we cannot even start to describe. Let’s be honest: it is difficult to choose one favorite thing about this amazing country. We know that the beautiful beaches, mountains, and other natural landscapes take our breath away, but we also have to adore the festive ways of its population. On top of that, colorful culture and diverse gastronomy give a final kick to our hearts.

Speaking of diverse gastronomy, we know that it is impossible to talk about Colombia without talking about coffee. This sacred beverage is one of the biggest pride of the country, as they recognize it to be the best at cultivating it. Colombians see coffee not only as a way to grow their economy but also as a very important part of their culture.

Discover the coffee process by paying a visit to the Coffee Cultural Landscape, which slow-paced, cozy towns will also ensure a peaceful stay. If you are looking for a soul adventure to find your inner self, why not do it with the aroma of recently toasted coffee in the background?

Caldas, Quindío, and Risaralda are the forming elements of the Coffee Triangle. They are waiting for you to discover every one of their secrets to a more peaceful, relaxed existence. From thermal waters to challenging adventures, this might be the journey of your life. What are you waiting for?

What to do in Colombia’s Coffee Region

As we mentioned before, the Coffee Region is formed by Caldas, Risaralda, and Quindío departments. These three states feature magical little towns full of lively people who are eager to share their knowledge regarding the coffee process. If you visit the Coffee Region, you must certainly do a Coffee Tour, where you’ll learn everything from the growing to the brewing of coffee. Are you ready to truly know how to prepare the perfect cup of coffee?

Another interesting thing about the Coffee Region is its picturesque scenery. Colorful, colonial architecture is a characteristic of cities like Filandia, Quimbaya, or Salento. You’ll also encounter joyful artisan groups who will guide you through their craftsmanship with a smile on their faces. Magic is present in every little corner.

Salento, Quidio – Picture by: Giorgio Morara

Hiking, horse riding, climbing, trekking, and other outdoor activities are a must-do in the Coffee Region. Miles and miles of nature are there to be enjoyed and appreciated. Let your jaw drop at the stunning sight of an incredible landscape and the overwhelming flora and fauna of the place. Bird sighting is highly recommended.

The best part is: if we search for deep relaxation, our best ally is the combination of the stunning nature and the beautiful hotels and spas that the coffee regions have to offer us. We’re going to proceed to tell you our exact favorite destinations and hotels in Colombia’s Coffee Region. Remember: luxury and relaxation are always guaranteed.

Immerse into the Coffee Experience at Hacienda Venecia

Hacienda Venecia is located in the countryside, around 7 miles from Manizales. It is a beautiful coffee farm that excels at what they do. They opened their doors for visitors in 2009, and have been growing non-stop ever since. 

In your stay, you’ll learn everything there is to know about the coffee process while you do an acclaimed Coffee Tour around the area. Nature, sweet aromas, and the distinct Colombian humor will ensure you an unforgettable day.

You’ll be able to choose between a group tour or a private tour. It is available in English and Spanish. But that’s not where it all ends. Hacienda Venecia has incredible programs for those who want to take a step further. They feature workshops about coffee, chocolate, and even plantain preparation! Let your mind wander while you see chocolate and coffee recipes that’ll blow everyone’s mind back home. 

Hacienda Venecia’s location is wonderful to enjoy a nice bird sighting. As a matter of fact, Colombia is one of the countries with the most bird diversity in the world. It has around 1900 registered species of which 79 are endemic. Birds love nature, so as soon as you step into Hacienda Venecia’s spaces, you’ll be amazed at the number of birds you’ll see. Maybe you’ll know some, and maybe it will be your first time watching them. Truth is, that there’s nothing more relaxing than watching them fly freely.

If you can’t get enough of nature, give horses a chance to take your preoccupations away. A nice horse riding around the farm and town will surely take problems away from you. 

Other natural options are hiking around nearby Cocora Valley, different trekking programs, and a visit to one of the most memorable National Parks in Colombia: Nevado del Ruiz. You could go visit Finca Romelia and see different species of Colombia’s national flower: The orchid.

Overall, Hacienda Venecia is an excellent option to get a taste of Colombia’s culture. You’ll leave as peaceful as ever and will count the days to come back.

More information about Hacienda Venecia:

Relax at Santa Rosa de Cabal Thermal Waters

Besides coffee, the Colombian Coffee Region is also very famous for its thermal waters. Those in Santa Rosa de Cabal in Caldas are loved by both tourists and locals thanks to their therapeutic effects. Get lost in a relaxing hiding spot, where you’ll be reborn happier than ever.

Once you’re there, you’ll get to enjoy the magic hands at San Miguel Thermal Spa. Peaceful rituals and soothing processes are held there and will help you reach a peace level that you didn’t know existed. Massages, exfoliators, saunas, and rituals are in order. With nature’s help, you’ll get to experience a magical, relaxing experience.

At Santa Rosa de Cabal, you’ll get to live all the benefits that thermal waters have for you. Water temperature goes up to 140 °F which results in perfect contrast with the Andean cold weather. Your skin and pores will thank you once you submerge in these pools of wonder.

Find out more and book your experience:

Slow Down at Hacienda Bambusa

This mindfulness paradise is located in Armenia, Quindío. Everything there is designed for a wonderful wellness experience during your stay. Stress won’t find its way to you while you’re in the magical spaces of Hacienda Bambusa.

A Wellness Ritual package can be tailor-made according to your specific needs. Yoga classes, traditional rituals featuring coffee, bamboo, and passionfruit, chocolate therapy, and even Thai massages are waiting for you. Let Colombian culture soothe your soul while it connects with you through nature.

Find yourself amazed at the landscapes of Colombia’s Coffee Region while you go hiking. Coffee is not the only protagonist, though. The cocoa tour is also available at Hacienda Bambusa and will walk you through the process of picking the best bean to make the best chocolate bar.

Imagine getting to see this green paradise from above. Enjoy the stunning views by taking a flight in a hot air balloon across the area. Off-the-ground experiences vary in Hacienda Bambusa: paragliding and zip lining are also a possibility if you have an adventurous soul to feed.

For a cultural exploration, get in a Jeep and start sightseeing in the key villages of the Colombian Cultural Coffee Landscape: Filandia, Salento, and Cocora Valley. They will amuse you with the colorful architecture and will take you to a beautiful, happy past time. 

Don’t forget to look for artisan souvenirs and art pieces that are so famous in the area to remember your great trip once you’re home. Pijao is also a must-visit, not so famous but probably the most important town for coffee plantation.

Options seem infinite when you’re at Hacienda Bambusa. Whether you prefer the challenging experiences or a nice, quiet connection with nature, they’ve got you covered. Try this amazing journey. 

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Let Colombia’s Coffee Cultural Landscape to Ease your Soul

Now that you know all the magic that is present in the Coffee Triangle, what are you waiting for to pay it a visit? Relax to the fullest while you learn about a beautiful culture.

Chocolate, coffee, and smiley people are there to ensure an unforgettable stay. Enjoy the cold weather and the hot thermal waters, take the opportunity of discovering yourself.

Please let us know what you think about the Coffee Triangle and whether or not you think it is the best option for a soul vacation.

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hopefully visiting this December! thank you so much for all the info, it certainly sounds incredible 😍😍

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