6 Essential & Organic Skincare Products From Latin America

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Skin-care routines have become more than a trend for many people worldwide—and this is very good in more ways than one. Nourishing our skin is far from being about how we look on the outside; it is a matter that goes beneath the surface. What makes it so important is that our skin tissues protect us from germs and infections we are likely to catch from the outside. As a matter of principle, the skin is a complex organ with the power to repair and regenerate itself, but this ability tends to wear out sooner or later.

While this is a natural occurrence—and wrinkles and dark spots are perfectly normal—we can slow down this process by taking care of our skin daily. For instance, a facial cleanse twice a day should be a must, and keeping our skin moisturized throughout the day.

One of the best ways to care for your health is to look for the answers to what nature has to offer. For this reason, it is common to find skincare products with natural components. What might be surprising for you is that the best of these ingredients have a tropical origin. The Caribbean region and the Amazon Rainforest of Latin America is home to various plants with unique benefits, high in antioxidants.

You might be familiar with the fact that coffee beans and avocados are excellent antioxidants. But several other plants and fruits from the tropics provide many more benefits. Mangoes promote collagen production, as well as coconut oil and cocoa butter. Other lesser-known fruits produce incredible quantities of Vitamin C—like the fruit from the Lulo plant or the cherry-like Camu Camu. This diversity has graced the Latin American skincare industry with unique formulas, and you can easily buy them with a few clicks.

What are the essential products you need to take care of your skin? We decided to gather some Latin American skincare brands you might want to try out and guide you into each essential item. No matter your age, they could be a great addition to your daily routine!

Cleanser by Simple Organics

As the name implies, this product will remove residues that your skin produces or picks up along your day. Whether it is make-up, dead skin cells, oil, or even dirt, a proper cleanser will wipe them all out. They are better than soaps because of the lack of thickeners in their ingredients. Most soaps use thickeners to give them a bar shape, but this causes clogging in your pores.

The best type of cleanser depends on your skin type— as a rule of thumb, dry and sensitive skins should use creamy or soft cleansers because most do not have active ingredients. It might be better for oily or acne-prone skins to choose a foaming or a very gentle facial cleanser, so it can remove impurities without being too abrasive.

For this everyday use product, we chose to look for what Simple Organics has in store for us. This Brazilian brand has all the richness you can find within the country’s biodiversity by appreciating local community goods and formulas. With raw and organic ingredients, they create mindful formulas suitable for all skin needs.

We picked their Foaming Cleanser with Glycolic Acid, which has natural elements such as Calendula Flower and bark extract from the Juazeiro Tree.

Find out more about Simple Organics.

Face Scrub by Aypa

While a cleanser might do its fair share of removing dead skin cells, you should exfoliate your face at least once a week. Exfoliants work as agents that eliminate old skin cells within your face. There are two types of exfoliants: Mechanicals and chemicals, and choosing one from another depend on your skin type. Most mechanical exfoliants are scrubs that will physically remove old skin cells. Yet chemical exfoliants contain acids or enzymes that will smoothly dissolve away dead skin cells. 

Both types are acceptable for normal and dry skin, but people prone to breakouts should use chemical exfoliants to avoid irritations. If the latter is the case, make sure to ask a dermatologist which chemical is best for you.

For this product, we chose a face scrub from Aypa. This Spain-based company creates skincare products from organically grown plants in Peru. By honoring ancient Peruvian knowledge and applying it to modern procedures, they create skincare recipes that delight the skin and all your senses. The finely crafted design of their products will enchant you, and their contents are magic and science in one bottle. We picked their Camu Camu Face Scrub, which has this cherry-like fruit, native from the Peruvian Amazon rainforest.

Discover more about Aypa.

Eye Cream by Pura Cremas

The skin that surrounds the eye is the thinnest one in your body— ten times thinner than the rest of the skin in your face! For that reason, it is the skin that shows signs of aging faster. Its thinness cannot hold too many oil glands, so it needs hydration twice a day.

There are different types of eye creams according to what they treat: Eye creams with antioxidants prevent wrinkles, while creams with cellular regenerators like Retinol will minimize fine lines. For people that spend long hours outside, a cream with SPF is the most adequate, and puffy-eyes could do with creams that contain caffeine.

For this product, we chose Pura Cremas, a Latino-based company that creates all kinds of face and body care formulas. Their main office is in a town called Machetá from the Cundinamarca department of Colombia. They use these plentiful lands to sow and harvest the main ingredients they put into their products. Pura Cremas manufactures everything they offer, which means the quality is of the highest level. We picked their Cúrcuma Natural Wax, perfect for the reduction of puffiness and fine lines.

Discover more about Pura Crema.

Serum by Lulo

Serums are highly specialized formulas with high concentrations of active ingredients. This means that each serum will serve a particular purpose, according to its content. Most have a very lightweight texture to reach the deepest levels of the skin. If you have big pores or fine lines, a serum might help you reduce their appearance. You can only apply it after cleansing your face, applying eye cream and, just before the moisturizer. Use it twice a day, but apply it during your nighttime routine if you do not have the time.

For this product, we chose a Latina-founded brand called Lulo Skincare. This company employs the highest skincare standards while using exotic ingredients from Colombia. While the brand manufactures in Canada, the natural elements they use are from organic farms from South America. The name Lulo derives from a tropical fruit, and it is one of their key ingredients in their formulas! We picked their Papaya & Piña Replenishing Revitalizing Face Serum, perfect for replenishing moisture and plumping the skin.

Find out more about Lulo.

Moisturizer by Eva's Garden

Moisturizers help you keep your skin protected and lubricated throughout the day. It is as vital as the cleanser is, and you should apply it daily to maintain your skin’s softness. Choose the one that fits you the most based on your skin type. Usually, every brand has a moisturizer for every skin type. Heavy creams are for dry and mature skins, and light creams are for skins prone to suffer easily from blocked pores.

For this product, we chose an all-natural skincare brand from the Dominican Republic. Eva’s garden only uses natural ingredients that are ethically sourced and plant-derived to treat many forms of skin conditions. Every one of their formulas stores a garden of the freshest natural elements of the tropic. We picked their Skin Facial Moisturizer— they offer three options: For Oily, Dry and Combination skins.

Find out more about Eva’s Garden.

Sunscreen by Yaocihuatl Organic

If you want to avoid wrinkles and black spots, apply sunscreen religiously! It is vital for people who stay under the sun for more than half an hour. Sunscreens are not for pool or beach days only— they are excellent everyday UV ray blockers. There are physical sunscreens that work by deflecting the UV lights, and chemical sunscreens that act as organic filters by absorbing the rays.

For this product, we chose a brand called Yaocihuatl Organic, an LA-based company with Honduran heritage. Its name’s origin has a powerful meaning— Yaocihuatl is a Nahuatl word that means Warrior Woman. Their creators produce formulas that aim to heal both the mind and soul while caring for Mother Earth. We picked their Hemp sunscreen, which features a non-greasy formula with an SFP rating of 6, due to the hemp seed oil.

Discover more about Yaocihuatl Organic.

Make your Routine a Sweet Time!

Using these products is one way to express all the love you feel for yourself! So, find the space and time to feel comfortable enough while you apply each product. Create a pleasant ritual by drinking some tea and lighting some candles; find a way to set the mood! We recommend you try out the Rose Berry Tea from Xicali Products, a Latina-owned brand that sells CBD recipes to relieve stress. 

And for beautiful candles, we chose Mi Soy Candles, an online shop that sells lovely soy wax lights with a lot of Latino spirit.

We love natural skincare routines so much because, at its essence, they don’t strive for beauty—you already have that! They aim to make the organ that holds you together into its best version: Healthy, fresh, and natural.

By Amalia

By Amalia

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