Tierra Hotels: Sustainable and Relaxing Destinations in Chile

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Few places in the world have such contrasting destinations to offer their travelers as Chile does. This country has everything from deserts and volcanoes to glaciers and soaring mountains in just a narrow strip of land.

Chile has so many wonders that it is sometimes tricky for adventurous and curious travelers to decide where to start exploring it. In this article, we’d like to present you with an option to ease your journey through this extraordinary land: Tierra Hotels.

Tierra is a family-owned boutique hotel group that encompasses Chile’s length with locations in three of its most iconic destinations: the barren yet magnificent Atacama Desert, the lush island of Chiloé, and the frosty landscape of Patagonia.

The design of Tierra Hotels makes the Chilean scenery the protagonist, and in doing so, they honor the sacred environment. Staying in one of these hotels is an opportunity to connect with nature, and through that connection, find peace within yourself.

Join us as we explore the magic land of Chile hand in hand with Tierra Hotels. We ensure a life-changing travel experience!

The Tierra Experience

While every single Tierra hotel has a unique spirit, there are three characteristics they all have in common: Adventure, Wellness, and Sustainability. 

Adventure awaits around every turn in Chile, and Tierra will guide you through the discovery of this beautiful country with excursions perfectly tailored for you. They have something for every traveler, from those who prefer low-key activities to the most daring and thrilling experiences.

No matter what you choose, you will always find a relaxation area to recharge and reconnect with yourself. Tierra hotels offer a unique spa service where the environment inspires most practices and treatments. The hotels’ Uma Spas, named after the Aymara word for “water,” will bring you back to life and restore your body, mind, and soul — from spa circuits, natural skincare treatments to indoor pools, and outdoor hot tubs experiences.

But the Tierra adventure isn’t only limited to the wellness facilities. Everything in the atmosphere of the hotels brings a sense of peace. The design blend into nature and all the spaces are made to make you feel one with the environment. As you deeply connect with Mother Earth, you reconnect with yourself.

Since the environment is such an essential aspect of the Tierra experience, it is not surprising that they are committed to protecting it. Tierra Hotels is the first company in the Chilean hotel industry to make a sustainability report and hold itself accountable for interacting with its surroundings.

One of Tierra’s properties, Tierra Atacama, is the first South American hotel to produce its own solar-powered electricity with a hybrid system that meets the hotel’s daily energy demand.

The hotels also have an effective waste management system which focuses on reducing waste and protecting natural resources. And, they are committed to building strong relationships with local communities to preserve their surroundings.

As you can see, Tierra Hotels seeks to nurture both the environment and their guests by creating a mutually beneficial relationship.

Tierra Atacama


The northernmost Tierra Lodge is located in San Pedro de Atacama Desert. When you arrive, the stunning landscape of sand and rock will make you feel like you are on Mars.

Chile’s renowned architects designed Tierra Atacama, creating a bold and straightforward structure, highlighting the natural landscape and its unique views.

This property honors the area’s heritage, and it is built with local materials, such as adobe for the walls, reminiscing the region’s ancient cattle corrals. The hotel highlights a neutral color palette, with vibrant earth tones and traditional craftworks blending perfectly with the natural décor.

Tierra Atacama is a refreshing oasis in this arid desert land with plenty of excursions to do. Whether you want to climb a volcano, take a scenic voyage to the geysers, or the high-altitude lakes of the region, you will find an expedition that fits you.

After the activities, you can choose between a Yoga class to connect with the Atacama desert or indulge yourself with a spa treatment rich in natural ingredients such as volcanic mud, lithium-rich salt, and desert herbs to replenish your energy.

Your stay will not be complete without a local dining experience, and Tierra Atacama’s expert chefs will make your mouth water! At the restaurant, you will enjoy the best of north Chilean cuisine and authentic traditional dishes that you can accompany with a glass of Chilean wine.

After dinner, we highly recommend you to try the Full Moon Hike experience. This adventure will make you discover the magic of hiking at night while the moon is at its fullest.

For more information, visit: Tierra Atacama.

Tierra Chiloé

Tierra_chiloe (2)

Next up in our Tierra-led journey through Chile is the magical island of Chiloé. This place is surrounded by water and colorful houses built on stilts. An atmosphere of serenity is felt everywhere, from the tranquil coastline to the lush rolling hills inland. 

The Chiloé archipelago has a great cultural heritage, and Tierra reflects it in its lodge design. The exterior is inspired by the traditional palafitos (stilt houses) of the local fishing villages and their wooden boats.

On the inside, transparent windows showcase the stunning scenery and make you feel connected with the surroundings. You can admire nature wherever you go!

There are countless treasures to explore in Chiloé and the nearby smaller islands of the archipelago. This place is mostly known for its traditional architecture, seen in the UNESCO World Heritage-listed churches and local communities’ stilt homes. Tierra will guide you so that you can traverse Chiloé your way, getting to know the rich culture and the cozy natural landscape.

If you’re interested in cultural experiences and local artisan work, we recommend visiting Quinchao Island. Tierra offers a one-of-a-kind guided tour that will take you to a local organic farm where you can learn about Chilote farmers’ work and their famous crops of native potato and giant garlic. After that, you will head to Delcahue, a small town located about an hour from Castro, Chiloé’s capital. Delcahue is well-known for its traditional market filled with artisan weavings, baskets, and woodwork. 

After exploring the island, you can go for a swim in one of the hotel heated infinity pools and enjoy the view of Pullao wetland, famous for its birds and marine species.


For more information, visit: Tierra Chiloé.

Tierra Patagonia

Down in the far South of the world, you’ll find Tierra Patagonia. The property subtly integrates with the landscape, looking as if the strong Patagonian wind itself carved it. This sustainable hotel has much more to offer the eye than mountain views, with award-winning architecture and an impressive collection of artisans’ crafts.

The interior design features furniture and textiles handmade by Chilean artisans, including sheepskin rugs, handmade blankets, and patterns of ancient fossils found nearby, representing the country’s rich culture. Every room is an ode to Chile and its nature, so even inside the hotel’s doors, you feel connected to the Patagonian spirit.

All around, the striking scenery of the Torres del Paine National Park waits for you. Try out some of the world-famous hiking trails in the towering mountains, sail or kayak through the glacial waters, and observe the unique Patagonian landscape. These adventures will bring you closer to the soul of this land and your own.

If you love wildlife as much as we do, you will be happy to know that Tierra Patagonia offers a special biking tour through the landscapes of Cañadón Macho. This area is well-known to observe the elegant guanacos who live throughout the mountain. Don’t forget your camera!


Once you return, you can enjoy a relaxing massage in the wellness area or try the spa circuit, including a pool, steam room, and soothing relaxation spaces.


For more information, visit: Tierra Patagonia.

Chile holds infinite adventures within its lands. Spark your curiosity and discover the many other wonders this country has for you. Tierra hotels will make your next vacation a relaxing adventure!

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