5 Mexican Eco Boutique Hotels You Need To Know

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Mexico is arguably one of the best destinations to choose from if you’re looking for a peaceful paradise and unique cultural experience. Its diverse weathers, rich cuisine, and landscape varieties make it an excellent option for adventurous getaways or relaxing vacations.

Boutique hotels are a good option when looking for places to stay and avoid large crowds. They have an intimate atmosphere and provide a one-of-a-kind experience to immerse yourself in the local culture. 

Many of the eco-boutique hotels mix modern architecture and design with typical elements from native cultures in Mexico. Mexicans are artisans by nature and possess infinite creativity that is also preserved throughout generations. 

In this article, we will show you five hidden places full of good vides and serenity. Most of these sustainable spots showcase Mexican creativity in ways that are impossible to ignore and impossible not to love. We hope that these options will help you find your next happy place!


Hotel Verana is one of those magic spots where everything feels right and at peace. This breathtaking hotel is carved into the hillside of Yelapa in the state of Jalisco. It is surrounded by the Mexican jungle and overlooking the Pacific Ocean. 

This part of the state is mostly inhabited, so getting there is an adventure on its own! First, you have to fly to Puerto Vallarta and then take a short drive, followed by a 30-minute boat trip along the beautiful coast. 

Upon arrival at the pier, hotel staff will meet you with mules to cart you and your luggage to the top of the property. Once you arrive, there are plenty of activities to do: whale-watching, snorkeling, kayaking, hiking, among many others.

Verana is a handmade hotel in a literal sense. The materials used to build the eight rustic bungalows come from local sources; the rooms feature handcrafted wooden furniture and colorful artisanal décor that perfectly match the surroundings. 

Staying there feels private but never isolated. You are always connected to nature, whether you step out to the gardens and terraces or stay cozy in your room admiring the view of the ocean and mountains.

For more information about this luxurious jungle experience, visit Hotel Verana.


Picture by Paulina Arckline. 

This eco-friendly hotel is a perfect bohemian retreat located in the stunning Playa Blanca of Holbox Island. Far away from Cancun and Tulum’s big resorts, Casa Las Tortugas is the ideal place for a calm getaway to reconnect with mother earth.

Casa Las Tortugas was made from wood and woven palm leaves, reflecting the nature around it. Every single room has a distinct soul, matching its location. You will find hand-picked vintage furniture, artisan-made textiles, and hand-woven hammocks on every balcony. Soft colors dominate this hotel’s aesthetic, creating a relaxing, Zen-like atmosphere.

The hotel also offers custom-made soaps, shampoos, conditioners, and mosquito repellants made from locally and organically grown flora and fauna.

Find out more: Casa Las Tortugas.


This eco-friendly and peaceful location is undoubtedly one of our favorite options. Here, respect for nature and the planet is celebrated, and every aspect is carefully chosen to be sustainable. 

Monte Uzulu is located in San Agustinillo, a small fishing village in Oaxaca, where the jungle meets the pacific ocean. Everything about this place is connected to nature and the local culture. 

The word “Uzulu” comes from the Zapotec people’s language, and it means “the beginning,” which refers to the connection between humankind and nature. The hotel design group, Taller LU’UM, kept Zapotec’s philosophy in mind when creating this space, always seeking to maintain the architecture in harmony with the natural environment. A meaningful way to show us the importance of our origins.

Nature is incorporated into every part of this hotel’s construction. Taller LU’UM used the soil for the walls, local wood for the doors and furniture, and dried palm leaves for the traditional palapa roofs. 

These natural elements give the hotel a beautiful rustic aesthetic, perfectly balanced with local artisans’ traditional decorations. We particularly love the hotel’s straw lamps handmade in Michoacán and the handwoven textiles from Teotitlán del Valle, a famous weaving village. 

For more information, visit Monte Uzulu.


Mawimbi is a charming tropical hotel with only 11 rooms, which makes it a very private experience. It is built in the middle of a lush tropical garden located on Holbox Island’s white beach. This hotel was designed to pay particular attention to detail: the shapes and colors form a mesmerizing harmony with nature.

Hotel Mawimbi was built and decorated with artisanal work and techniques from the ancient Maya culture. The rooms feature handwoven curtains, colorful bedspread, and pillows that perfectly complement the hotel’s authentic and rustic environment.

This Idyllic island retreat is nestled into the lush tropical landscape, and it was made from sustainable local materials. Tables and chairs were carved and crafted from local trunks, and so was the whole structure of the hotel.

Find out more: Hotel Mawimbi.


Located at the heart of the vibrant San Rafael neighborhood, El Patio 77 is the first eco-friendly boutique hotel in Mexico City. Like Monte Uzulu, this hotel was designed by Taller LU’UM, an interior design collective which partners with artisan communities.

Renovated from a 1980 historic mansion, this hotel has eight intimate rooms that give you a perfect refuge from the city’s bustling energy. Each room is named after a Mexican state and decorated with recycled vintage furniture and crafts from local artisans, giving them a unique personality.

El Patio 77 is committed to supporting Mexican artists through artisan crafts and art as they also have an art gallery called “La 77”. There, you can find hang paintings of local artists and sometimes foreign contemporary artists.

For more information, visit El Patio 77.

All these places will show you a different perspective of Mexico and will give you the chance to reconnect with nature while taking a deep dive into the local culture. Give them a try and let us know about your next cultural experience!

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