10 Timeless Fashion Pieces From Latin America

Picture by: Philomena

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The fashion industry is one of the most ever-changing and dynamic businesses to exist. It goes at high speed, changing each season, giving the public something new and fresh throughout the year.

More and more people are now aware of the risk of purchasing clothes that follow a trend. Manufacturing and then discarding clothes as soon as they get out of style is awful for the environment. It creates an incredible amount of textile garbage, and it is a practice that leads to excessive expenditure. In other words, it is dangerous for the world and our pockets.

For this reason, the term Slow Fashion or going Seasonless is turning pretty frequent these days. Besides, buying sustainable and ethical garments that do not follow a trend is attractive. The idea of being fashionable is to create your style with a few and essential pieces in your wardrobe. Instead of keeping up with what is in vogue, know that classy will always be better. For you, and now for the environment more than ever. A timeless look is elegant, grants confidence, and gives character: It is all about being smart. 

We decided to create a list of ten essential pieces you should have —five for warm days and five for cold ones— all of them right from Latin American brands we love. Each piece has a story to tell: They follow traditions rather than trends, and they are all made with dedication and care.

Timeless Pieces For Cold Weather

The Ruana

A Ruana is one of the most popular garments of the Andean regions of South America. It resembles a lot to a Poncho, but the fabric is usually thicker and folds around the body. This cozy robe is more or less a wearable blanket, so you will always feel warm and safe under its fabric.

For this piece, the Peruvian brand called Philomena has in store what we need. More than a clothing line, the people behind Philomena seek to rescue ancient weaving techniques and showcase Peruvian artisans’ talents. All their products are 100% handwoven with natural fibers and with lots of love. We chose their lovely Siena and Gemma Ruanas, made with superfine Alpaca fiber.

The Cozy Gloves

During the coldest days of the year, you definitely cannot go out without a pair of warm gloves. The best ones you can buy have to be hand-knitted with soft fibers so that it clings to your skin comfortably. The color and patterns in your gloves can give a touch of individuality to your outfit, so there are no rules on which one looks best!

We selected the fine works of Awamaki, a Peruvian label that works alongside Andean Artisan women to create hand made items of clothing and handbags. They also offer a unique virtual experience through Amazon Explore, where you can visit their shop right from the comfort of your home. Our favorite pairs of Awamaki gloves go by the name of Wayra and Yura, and what we love about them the most is their classic multi heathered stripes that we are sure will go with anything you wear.

The Snug Scarf

Like gloves, scarfs are essential for winter days, and the bigger and warmer they are, the better. Wrap it around your neck or leave it hanging over your shoulders; its versatility is perfect for any outfit.

For this piece, we opted for the creations of an Argentinian brand called Animaná. The company started as a project to give fair job opportunities to Patagonia communities around the year 2009. 

Right now, they cooperate with more than 7,500 artisans throughout the Andes region. Their value chain is one built with ethics, sustainability, and transparency. The snuggliest scarf within their diverse catalog is Chal Alpage, and it varies in design and color, as every one of them is hand-loomed. This fabric is 100% Baby Alpaca fiber, which makes it very soft.

The Pair of Boots

A well-built pair of boots will go along with anything you have on. They will be a more than welcome addition to your wardrobe for everyday wear to the office or a walk on cold evenings. The famous Charro boots —or Mexican cowboy boots— are as classic as boots can get. These boots are an essential asset to the most popular Mexican attire, yet they have become part of the fashion scene worldwide.

We decided to pick a pair of Charro boots from CANO. Aside from their stunning jewelry, their best products are their shoes. This brand works alongside Mexican shoemakers, which means the manufacture of each pair is ethical and transparent. Our favorite ones are the Eloisa Charro boots that come in a deep cognac color.

The Sweater

The ultimate piece for the cold season is a sweater. Everyone likes those lovely sweaters with adorable or even funny patterns, but they are not pretty useful to add style to your looks. We guess you might have at least one, so you might need another that covers all your fashion needs. A perfect sweater has neutral colors, so the knitted fabric stands out on its own. The lack of anything else will prevent you from looking overdressed.

In our search for an ideal sweater, we found our answers in Nido, an Argentinian brand. This company creates two carefully designed collections of sweaters, tops, and dresses each year. The reason for this is so the entire process of manufacture is as fair and respectful as it needs to be for the environment and the people making each garment.

All their items are hand knitted and made out of 100% sheep wool from Argentina. For this piece, we chose their Crop Chickpea Sweater, whose thick and intricate pattern will add elegance to your outfits.

Timeless Pieces for Warm Weather

The Flat Sandals

For a walk to the beach or those sunny and fresh days, Flats Sandals can completely change and renew your look. Choose a sturdy pair of sandals to be sure they will remain beautiful for much longer.

For this piece, the Root Collective can help you out. This brand sells handmade shoes and accessories by partnering with Guatemalan artisans and shoemakers. 

They value their craftsmen as much as their customers, and they believe in the power of fair trade. With every piece they make, they leave a print of their story for the world to see. We chose their gorgeous Molly Sandals in Chestnut Leather, as they look every bit as comfy and stylish as a sandal needs to be.

The Shoulder Bag

For days full of activity and movement, you might need a large and sturdy bag to take all your belongings with you. You must look for convenience and space, so go for a shoulder bag to style any outfit you are wearing.

Make a statement by choosing bold and authentic patterns. Pick something that expresses meaning. We have voiced our love for Oaxacan weaving patterns before, and now it is a perfect time to do it again. For the ideal and timeless shoulder bag, Mz Fairtrade can help us out.

This women-run Mexican label works alongside artisans from Oaxaca to preserve the ancestral weaving traditions of the Zapotecs. All their products are carefully designed and handwoven by local weavers, and most of them are naturally dyed.

The care and love they put in each piece are visible in their beauty and uniqueness. We picked their Straight as an Arrow Large Shoulder Bag, which features a stunning arrow pattern that shows what a top-drawer you are. They are having the biggest sale of the year right now through the end of November, so go check them out!

The Kimono

Throughout history, the Japanese kimono has become popular worldwide, and now it is a great wardrobe addition for anyone. It is the ideal dramatic piece to make any outfit stand out. Most modern kimonos are made of light fabrics, which means they are versatile and fit for every summer occasion.

For this piece, designer and artisan Marcela Cantú has several options in store for us. Her brand—called Piuboho— focuses on creating clothes that never go out of style. Her fresh and loose designs combine the works of Mexican artisans and local weaving traditions so that every product is significant to the maker and the buyer. We chose a gorgeous, naturally dyed kimono with loose ends from her new collection, Atemporal.

Shop Piu Boho: @piuboho

The Straw Hat

Warm and light breezes from sunny afternoons during the summer are perfect for casual clothes. Put on a sundress and sandals, and you are ready to go, but always complete your outfit with a hat to keep your face shaded from the sun. Straw hats are the best choice, as they are lightweight, breathable and their pale colors match with pretty much everything.

One of the most popular Latin American straw hats comes from Ecuador, and they are made from a palm called Toquilla. Weaving hats out of these tropical palms is an art rich in culture and hard work. Some hats can even take up to several months of labor for the weavers! The toquilla straw hat, also called Panama hat, has a tight and very intricate weaving pattern.

For beautiful and genuine Panama hats, WANAhat could be the best choice to pick the perfect one for you. Wanahat pieces are handmade by Ecuadorian artisans who use traditional techniques passed down from generation to generation. Check their stunning catalog of handcrafted hats, each of them very unique. We chose two gorgeous hats that look perfect for a beach trip or a simple summer walk.

The Gold Earrings

Nothing gives more style than delicate gold earrings. The sturdiness of gold lasts for years without losing its shine. A pair of them will be with you for a long time!

Gold Earrings can go with any weather or season, but summer and its warmth always make us want to look radiant. We’ve selected a piece of handcrafted jewelry from a Mexican brand called CANO. 

All of their accessories use recycled metals, and they make sure to showcase each artisan that manufactures the item. We chose a pair of Seashell earrings, made with upcycled brass and three times gold-plated with 14k gold, to go along with the fresh vibes of the season.

The Face Mask

No matter the weather, do not forget your face mask when you go out! Right now, they are a must-have item in any of your outfits, meaning being safe will always be in style. A Fair Trade organization from Guatemala called Cojolya can help us pick gorgeous face masks, while at the same time we can help them back. Cojolya is an association dedicated to the conservation of Mayan weaving arts by creating job opportunities for local weavers.

To provide extra support for their weavers in these times of need, Cojolya offers seven hands weaved face masks as a gift set. Each one of them has a colorful and pretty pattern for every day of the week. You can also look for their stunning collections of accessories and home goods.

There is something beautiful about consciously purchasing products. Becoming aware of the effects of your choices makes you empathic, respectful, and a better human being. We gave you lovely options with this list, but the change starts with all of us and the decisions we make. 

We can begin by finding our voice without following trends or styles. No matter how small our actions are, they can be the first step for a better life.

By Amalia

By Amalia

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Very interesting thank you ! Perfect winter and summer outfits 😍

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