We Aspire to Inspire

Latin Spirit aims to promote a new way to consume, travel, experience, and connect with people by making you discover Latin America from another perspective. 

As a team, we strongly believe that helping, understanding others, and getting to know better the world we live in is crucial to building a sustainable future.  

This blog has been created to learn from each other and create a positive impact on this planet, inspiring ourselves from a region that is close to our heart: Latin America.

Our goal is to help you to:


Choose and consume better: 

By taking you on the road to Latin America craftsmanship, promoting artisan’s creations, ancestral knowledge, and success stories from change-makers to help you understand why you should value handicraft work and how you can make a positive impact on artisans ‘communities. 

Travel consciously 

By showing you a more responsible way to travel, which will enhance your own experience and enrich the lives of people, you will meet on your path.

Value experiences over things:

By discovering meaningful activities that will provide you creative, intellectual, and spiritual stimulation. 

Build deeper connections with people

By seeing the world through other’s eyes. Learning about someone’s culture, history, and customs give you another vision of the world, helping you to be more open-minded and build deep conversations with the people you meet. 

Taking good care of yourself

By reconnecting with the essential. Throughout this blog, we will show you places of well-being, mindful practices, and wellness rituals that will keep you healthy, happy and help bring your body and mind in harmony. 



Meet our team


Passionate content creator

Coming from the world of architecture, Amalia understands that delivering a thoughtful message is the most important part of a creative process, so every piece of content she writes is aimed to show better ways of rightfully living, loving our world and what it has to offer for all of us.


Writer, dreamer, and Idealist

Michelle has been a literature and journalism enthusiast ever since she can remember.

Writing is a magic process for her. She loves exploring cultures and learning different perspectives, so she firmly believes that everybody has something to teach.

Her inspiration comes through those different perspectives; She loves trying to see through other people’s eyes. What makes us different? Are we similar in any way? She is in constant search for those questions and never gets tired of wondering!


Art enthusiast

Fiorella believes in the power of Art. She thinks that people’s artistic creations hold an immeasurable value for the entire world, given all they can teach us.

Her deeply curious mind always seeks to understand the things she sees and grows to love, and she hopes to spread her ever-growing knowledge to the entire world.



Passionate about international development, Noemie spent the last 6 years traveling to Latin America, helping local companies to expand their businesses in the wellness industry.

Her passion? Anything related to handicrafts as each piece made by hand tells a story that machines will not be able to tell you.  

Her love for Latin America led her to meet wonderful people, collect their stories, and translate them into a meaningful blog experience.

“We all learn from others. One of the most important things I learned from traveling and living in Latin America is that we should all be proud of our identity and preserve our cultural heritage.

I decided to create this blog to show my gratitude towards Latin American people and communities who made me feel part of their family. They taught me how to see the world differently, be grateful for what I have, and appreciate all the little things that make us happy.”

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